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The Sonoline C handheld fetal doppler is an easy to use, compact, high performance model suitable for home or professional use. Suitable for use from about 12 weeks, it's a completely safe way to listen to your unborn baby's heart rate.

Personal Use

The Sonoline C can give reassurance between check-ups and hospital visits.

Professional Use

Obstetricians and midwives have used the Sonoline C as an effective means of evaluating fetal condition.

LCD Display

160 x 128 pixel backlit digital colour LCD screen

sonoline c doppler

Excellent Sound Quality

Suitable for use from around 12 weeks, a safe way to listen to your baby's heart rate.

8hr Run Time

Running off 2 x AA batteries, the Sonoline C offers a continuous run time of 8 hours!

Headphones or Loudspeaker

The Sonoline C allows you to listen discreetly and quietly via headphones or with a partner using a loudspeaker.


Based on the Doppler Effect principles the device uses the differences in frequency and wavelength between the emitted and received waves to calculate the fetal heart rate (FHR).



160 x 128 pixel back-lit digital colour LCD screen


Fetal heart rate (FHR), battery status, bar graph and heartbeat waveform


Battery Life

Battery Size

2 x AA


3MHz probe for maximum sensitivity


total weight

3 Modes

Real-time FHR, Average FHR and Manual


Loudspeaker and Headphone socket

Product Reviews

Read our five star reviews from customers and medical professionals!

woman review

Kirsten Halliday

Aberdeen, Scotland

“Cannot fault this doppler, especially for the price. Previously tried a cheap imitation off eBay. The probe on this is far more sensitive. “

Great Doppler

woman review

Angela Brown

London, England

“My item was dispatched the same day and it arrived the following afternoon by courier. Five stars for service and five stars for quality!“

Great Service

Tim Clarkson

Yorkshire, England

“The Sonoline C is by far the best doppler I've bought. My wife and I used cheaper versions for our first and second children but they weren't half as good as this. “

Best Purchase

Patrick Jones

Newcastle, England

“ My wife cried the first time we used the Sonoline C, it was by far the best pregnancy gift I ever bought her. We've past it on to my pregnant sister and she loves it. “

Tears of Joy

Melinda Perkins

Glasgow, Scotland

“ I bought this to listen to my baby's heartbeat and used it almost every night. It is so simple to use although sometimes you have to search over your belly for a while! “

Brilliant Device

woman review

Jennifer Yang

Cardiff, Wales

“I am very satisfied with this device and would not hesitate to recommend it. I ordered on Monday afternoon and received the item Wednesday morning. “

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